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Logictry for Sales Configurators

Hi, and welcome to a quick intro video on the Logictry platform and how it can be used to create a sales configurator that can turn even the most complex sales cycle into an easy interactive step by step tool.

And so let's go ahead and click on this application here that we built with a company called National Instruments. So this app you see is taking all of the institutional knowledge that's been in the heads of all of their technical systems engineers, putting it into a tool, that now when it's in the hands of their sales reps, they're able to go through even the most complex customer discovery processes themselves and make the best product recommendations faster. So prior to a product like this, the sales cycle could be two weeks of back and forth with a customer. And we were able to show that we could take it to four minutes and for questions. That's how big of an efficiency gain and reduction Additionally, this incorporates also a lot of other topics like Systems Thinking systems thinking means in a complex decision making process, you have to consider all of the areas of customer discovery that are important to really understand the customer's needs. And then additionally, you have to consider all of the areas of making the recommendation to provide the holistic solution. So with this tool, the salesperson when they're on the call with the customer, or before the call or after the call, that they can use this tool. It helps make recommendations on questions that they might ask with real time helpful information as they ask an answer. It now presents them with product recommendations in real time, as well as helpful PDFs and additional follow on customer discovery questions. As they continue to ask an answer through the process. It filters in real time, what products meet the customer's needs. And additionally, as they answer they can also take notes in line about why they picked data logging. And then finally, all of these are clickable links that take them right to the product. So this is a feeder into the existing CPQ system. So a product like this is instrumental in capturing that institutional knowledge that's in the heads of those subject matter experts and streamlining the sales process. And then this product is a great tool to augment the existing Salesforce or other CRM tools that you have where those CRMs are a compass, and logic tree is a map guiding the salesperson through all of the technical nuances step by step.

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