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Logictry Platform Overview (part 5/5)

Welcome to Part Five In this multi part series on logic tree.

In this video we're going to take a look at how to share content internally or externally with your partners and customers.

And so we've got our first logic app here that we've created. We'll click on that and see all the content that we created from part four. Now if we want to share this app with other users, we can do this internally by sharing it with explicit users that we define. So if I find a particular user, I can invite them as an admin or viewer depending on what level of permissions I want to give. The other thing I can do is we have our company here, and different teams where we can manage different members on that team. Then I can go to this app and add this app to that specific team. So that when users or members on this team, look at the apps they will see, the first logic app has been added there. So now all of those members because they are associated with this team, and this app has been associated, they are enabled able to now access this particular app. And so this is how you share the content internally explicit users or you build a piece teams. But the other benefit to logic tree is that anything you build can be immediately embedded directly into your website. So if I go to this app, I see this unique URL, and I go ahead and copy that. I can now open up logic And if I edit the HTML, I can now pick this and click this section here. We'll say Edit HTML. And I'm going to put in what we called an iframe source equals and I paste that URL. And that is all that was needed.

With the exception of a little bit of formatting. Let me make it 100% width and the height will fix to 800 pixels. That is now now we can see here the website with that content that we've created showing up as if it's a part of that website. But it's we know that the website is coming from logic And then we can see that this app here is showing up directly hosted from our website. If we were to change this and go in and edit it, that would real time edit and update this app showing up on our website. And so that's how quickly you can embed anything directly into any web page. That you create in the in the application environment. And then the last thing to mention is that any of these apps that you create can also be set as a portal for other different users as well.

So if I go back to my apps, and what I will do is grab this unique ID and then I'm going to go to the home. And what we'll do is I'm logged in right now as the Tony Chris from the user. I will now log in as portal user. And after I've logged in, I can see that this portal user doesn't have all the ability to create apps. So this is if you want to share content with a contractor manufacturer or distributor partner, someone else where you're not looking for them to create apps, you're looking for them just to see the results of an app that you've created. So think of it like a dashboard that you're sharing with them. So, on the homepage here, you're able to edit the home and set an app ID as that homepage. So once I've done that, this is now the dashboard that this portal user when they log in, this is what they will see. So what this highlights is that you can build all these different apps to then share with different users where it shows up as their dashboard so they have all the information directly at their fingertips.

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