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Logictry for Calculators

Hi, and welcome to a brief intro video on the Logictry platform and how it can be used to build web ready calculators.

Let's start by looking at this app, we created it called a logic tree pricing calculator. This allows a user to say what license level they want, how many people will log in and create apps, how many people will log in and view apps and then if they embedded in their webpage how many pages they expect per month. Based on this, it calculates each individual items price, and the total estimated price. So now in the second half of this video, let's take a look at what it's like to create a pricing calculator. So let's create a new app a blank app and we're going to create our pricing calculator. So for this, we will add a calculation logic because we're going to perform some calculations. We're going to add a question where they can put in the quantity of items, and then the price of those items. So now let's switch to premium mode and see that if they put in five items at $10 per item, we would like it to calculate $50 So to do that, we will add a calculation node below it and we are going to calculate the final price and to do that, we are going to multiply the quantity by the price. So we switch to Preview if you put in five and a price of 10. It now calculates 50. So that's great. So let's go back and we're going to now also put one more node and we're going to offer a discount. So the user can put in say a 10% discount off of the final price. So to now calculate this, we're going to add another node below it and we're going to divide the subtraction of the constant number of 100 from the node of the discount, right, so if they offer a 10% discount, then we're going to calculate 100 minus that discount and then below this, we're going to divide that resulting number by 100. And then that's all going to get multiplied by the quantity and the price. So let's now switch back. We're going to say five at a price of 10 and offer a 10% discount, and great a calculation.

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