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Get organized

Build your company's brain

Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) for Knowledge Management (KM).

It's like Lego pieces of knowledge. You can build from Lego piece to masterpiece!

Logic Management™ system

Knowledge Management (KM) captures information, Logic Management™ captures decision making.

Your company brain
  • Organize your data from all sources

  • Contextualize around solving problems

  • Share within your existing systems

Three-in-one platform

One platform that adapts to solve your business needs.

Learning management

Create personalized learning and development experiences for faster ramp-up times.

Knowledge management

Codify your company's knowledge in wikis, workflows, and processes to drive consistency.

Process optimization

Drive efficiencies with playbooks, bluebooks, configurators, and automations.

What can you build


Guide sales and support efforts more effectively.


More effectively teach a subject with interactive content.


Consolidate all information across all platforms into one place.

Proposal builders

Dynamically create personalized sales collateral quickly.


Generate complex configurations and quotes in record time.

Matching systems

Build powerful matching systems for better outcomes.


Simple interface

Standard and customizable user interfaces.

Many integrations

RESTful API available for third-party connections.

Powerful analytics

Analytics dashboard and integration with Google Analytics.

Internal or external

Internal apps and customer-facing widgets.

Cloud or on-prem

Cloud-based with options for on-prem or hybrid cloud solutions.


Firewall / VPC / SSL / HIPPA compliant / SOC compliant / Encrypted.

Many integrations

AtlassianConfluenceDatabaseDropboxFreshdeskGithubGitlabGoogle DriveHubspotIntercomJiraMarketoMicrosoftNotionSalesforceSharepointSlackSnowflakeTeamsWordpressZapierZendesk

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