Logic Management System™

The low-code platform for business Logic Apps™.

Create efficiency tools

As smart as Excel, as friendly as Forms.

Effiency in finding

Find information faster with less searching or asking around.

Efficiency in learning

Learn faster with interactive personalized experiences.

Efficiency in doing

Solve problems and make decisions faster with guided expertise.

Efficiency in creating

Create intricate tools quickly with our easy to use platform.

A single source and version of truth

Standarized and structured data and information that you can actually find and use.

Combine data sources

From spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, and assets, make sense of them all in one place.

Capture tribal knowledge

Un-silo subject matter expertise and share it so that anyone can access and apply.

Guide new staff

Solve the “cold start” with expert guidance at every user touchpoint.

What can you create?

Building relationships out of unstructured data.


Bluebooks that systematize proprietary processes.


Playbooks that guide sales efforts more effectively.


Workbooks that help teach a subject through questions.


Manuals that are interactive and personalized.


Wikis that consolidate all information across all platforms.

Content builders

Email and proposal builders that personalize sales collateral quickly.

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