Democratizing expertise

Empowering anyone to build and share apps for learning and productivity.

About us

Logictry was founded on the idea that asking better questions is the key to finding the right answers. Inquisitiveness and curiosity unlock human potential amidst increasing automation, and by exploring how an expert thinks and processes information, anyone can layer their own experiences to truly innovate.

Hal Gregerson’s book, Questions are the Answers, was instrumental in forming the vision of Logictry. Highlighting the importance of divergent and convergent questions to reach the catalytic questions, Gregerson points to the beginning of something new. An understanding. An unexplored reason. A brand-new way. We believe anyone can be a creative problem-solver.

Our why

We believe everyone has the capacity to learn with the right access to resources and information. We serve to democratize education while building confidence and competence along the way. We know automation is essential to our human evolution, but so are creativity, imagination, and artistic expression. As mundane tasks are digitized, minds are freed to focus on connection, collaboration, and leadership. Logictry strives to harmonize both for better lives for all.

How do you pronounce your name?

We named our company Logictry, pronounced Logic ‘Tree,’ the science of smarter decisions. Think, biology, chemistry, and even symmetry, defined as “a law or operation in which a physical property or process has an equivalence in two or more directions.” Although we hear Logic ‘Try’ often, we actually don’t mind you’re trying logic.