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SalesForce is a compass, Logictry is a map!

Improve Efficiency, Accelerate Growth

Logictry’s no-code, low-code platform makes it easier and more affordable to create insightful assessments. Focus on areas of improvement through expert guidance systematized in interactive playbooks that lead to consistently optimal outcomes.


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Get a clear understanding of where your business and teams are. Create simple to complex assessment tools in under an hour with no costly development or long wait times for revisions.

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No more binders or static workbooks that are filed away. Take the mystery out of excellent sales processes. Build engaging, interactive playbooks that include conditional forms, videos, matching systems, configurators, email builders, app integrations, and more.

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The search is over. Access your data from disparate sources in one place, in real-time. From Google Drive, YouTube, SalesForce, Hubspot, or your own database, access all of your resources and make them actionable within your playbooks.

What can Logictry build?

One platform, many solutions

Assessment Tools

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Sales Playbooks

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Product Configurators

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E-Learning Courses

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Event Planners

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Filtering Systems

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Sales Configurators

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Company Wikis

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Intake Forms

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Proposal Builders

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Who needs Logictry?

Small businesses to large enterprises


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Sales Teams

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Support Teams

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Law Firms

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Small Businesses

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Equity Funds

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What are the benefits?

Simple interface

Standard and customizable user interfaces.

Many integrations

RESTful API available for third-party connections.

Powerful analytics

Analytics dashboard and integration with Google Analytics.

Internal or external

Internal apps and customer-facing widgets.

Cloud or on-prem

Cloud-based with options for on-prem or hybrid cloud solutions.


Firewall / VPC / SSL / HIPPA compliant / SOC compliant / Encrypted.

What does Logictry cost?

Cheap to get started and scale as needed


Creator license allows building Logic Apps™.


Cheaper license allows usings Logic Apps™.


Pay-as-you-go to embed in your website.

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