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Create expert systems for sales, marketing, and support teams to drive better performance.

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Transformational results

Empower your sales teams with better decision-making tools

Logictry gives you the ability to create expert systems to guide both internal teams and external customers to better insights and exponential revenue.

Increase sales

Improve efficiency and increase up-selling and cross-selling

Improve care

Eliminate inconsistency and update instantly

Take action

Integrate seamlessly and decrease sales cycles

Reduce training time

Selling is harder than ever especially with hundreds of SKUs and complex processes. Create interactive guided workflows, playbooks, configurators, and more to give customers what they need every time.

Cross-functional intelligence

Resources are spread across different departments and sales reps spend an average of 30 hours a month searching for and creating their own content. Instead of trying to manually manage all the moving parts, streamline searches with automation. Define workflows incorporating rules and information across the enterprise.

Support virtual engagement

Nearly 25-30% of employees will work from home several days a week. Onboard remote staff, enhance communication, and ensure collaboration to build productive work environments--anywhere.

You Can Do IT

Single-solution custom development is time-consuming and expensive. Create numerous expert systems in one no-coding platform that integrates with the tools you currently use.

A single source and version of truth

One centralized location to manage all of your sales resources, information, and content – complete with global version control and real-time recommendations.

Combine data sources

From spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, and assets, make sense of them all in one place.

Capture tribal knowledge

Democratize expertise and standardize processes so each one is a top performer.

Guide new staff

Solve the “cold start” with expert guidance at every user touchpoint.

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